Is HiFive Chicken Halal? YES.

Is it Automated Halal Slaughtered? YES.

Is Automated Halal Slaughtered Halal? There is a valid ikhtilaf (difference of scholarly opinion) on this subject by many of the world’s ulema. Ultimately, it all depends on which Figh opinion you follow.

Who is their supplier? Sunrise Poultry Processors Ltd and Halal certified by Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency.

Are all HiFive locations halal in Metro Vancouver? YES. Their poultry meats in Canada are sourced from the same suppliers.

Is HiFive Muslim-owned? HiFive is a franchise. Some of the staff are Muslim.

Does HiFive’s recipes contain pork? NO. HiFive management has confirmed their recipes or menu do not contain any pork.

Disclaimer: When in doubt, it’s best to avoid, and Allah knows best.

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