RNZ Halal Meat and Market

RNZ Halal Meat and Market

RNZ Halal Meat and Market: We are a full service grocery store located in heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Lower-Mainland. We specialize in Pakistani, Indian, Fujian and Mediterranean groceries and food including authentic spices, lentils, rice, flour, a wide variety of masalas, frozen food items, chilled beverages, fresh meat, cold-cuts, etc.

We stock every brand of spices, lentils, rice, flours and other items that you’re familiar with, and even those you might wish to try. Looking for the fresh cut meats? Look no further, because we stock a huge selection of beef, veal, mutton, chicken and turkey! We feel pride in saying that if you can’t find it on our shelves, we will get it for you!

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