Jerusalem Grill

Jerusalem Grill

Jerusalem Grill:

We are located in Surrey and serve Halal Food. We specialize in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine that will leave a lasting impression. Kick start your appetite with one of our fresh appetizers like the Grilled Lebanese Arayes Kufta, three-piece Deep Fried Kebabs, or the ten-piece Fried Chicken. Once the appetizers have settled, choose from an extensive collection of delicious entrees. From Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast Fillet to the Grilled Lamb Cubes and Falafel Veggie Plate, you are sure to find something on our menu to satisfy your cravings. For those that are ordering dinner tonight for the family, feast on the Family Meal that is served with homemade fries or rice, two choices of salads, hummus and garlic dips, four pita bread, and four cans of soft drink. If that’s not enough, amp up your order with a few sides like the Manakeesh Saj Bread, Hummus Dip, and an extra order of the Skewers of Grilled Lamb Cubes.

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