Lahori Sweets Restaurant

Lahori Sweets Restaurant

HICC/BCMA Certified

Lahori Sweets Restaurant
Find Halal Pakistani Cuisine serving Nihari, Tikka, Kebab and Biryani. We also serve Fish Pakora, Halwa Puri as well as Indian style sweets like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Kalakand in Surrey.

Lahori Sweets & Restaurant, opened in 2012 in Payal Business Center, was a result of Chef Ikram Wahla’s passion to introduce authentic and delicious Pakistani food in a lively, family-style restaurant. In a short period of time, Lahori Restaurant has won the pallets of not only the residents of Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area, but residents from Seattle and Calgary as well.

Our wide assortment of Sweets perfectly compliments the multitude of dishes that we offer. These dishes consist of food made from scratch using fresh produce and varying spices. This has led Lahori Restaurant to be the top rated Pakistani Restaurant in Surrey and the go to spot for Weekend Halwa Poori Brunch Buffet.

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