Taqwa FreshCo - Newton

Taqwa FreshCo - Newton

HICC/BCMA Certified

Taqwa FreshCo – Newton

Find Halal Lamb, Chicken, Goat, Beef, Turkey, Steaks, Pepperoni, Sausages, Burgers, and marinated meats in Surrey. Our focus is to provide quality products that include organic and premium meats. We do this by maintaining strong relationships with valued partners and have a solid track record in food processing and distribution across western Canada. Taqwa is an Arabic term for being conscious and cognizant of God. We conduct our business honestly, ethically, and with integrity. We strive for excellence and are able to adapt to changing consumer needs while also maintaining our staple products that our customers count on. Our community keeps us accountable and our actions reflect our values of what TaQwa is.

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